Participation requires the advance payment of the registration fee* (amount VAT 22% included):

  • - Early registration € 150,00
  • - Late registration € 200,00

  • * The fee covers the complete participation to the event. The first day is offered by Regione Lombardia.

The payment of registration fees must be in Euros only and can be done by BANK TRANSFER or by CREDIT CARD.

BANK TRANSFER: Payment by bank transfer must be certified during the registration process with the upload of the bank receipt. Bank charges are the responsibility of the participant and should be paid at source in addition to the registration.


Bank Name: Unicredit Private Banking – Ferrara, Italy Account Number: 1326114


IT 87 W 02008 13009 000001326114


Payment REASON: WRS2019 - NAME SURNAME of the participant

CREDIT CARD: Payment by credit card may be carried out directly at the end of the registration process. Once concluded  the  transaction  on  the  secure  site  for  payments, please be aware to CONFIRM the participation on the registration form.


  1.  Follow the registration link HERE
  2. Click on “SIGN-IN” to ask for the credentials and fill out the fields requested
  3. Check your e-mail to get the first access confirmation
  4. Use your ID (your e-mail) and the PASSWORD chosen to access the registration pages (the same as you followed to ask for the credentials)
  5. Follow the link “personal and fiscal data”, on the left fill out the fields with your personal data, on the right fill out the fields for the invoice header and billing
  6. Tick the box which apply to the type of invoicing/billing
  7. Tick the box with the privacy policy statement
  8. Follow the link “accepted method of payment” and select the preferred one**
  9. Follow the link “summary and confirmation” check carefully the typed data***
  10. To confirm your completed registration please remember to click on the statement “Please confirm your participation at the event. You will receive an e-mail attesting the successfully conclusion of the registration process.
  11. You will receive the OFFICIAL REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION along with the related INVOICE only after the bank will communicate to the Secretariat that the amount paid has been accredited.

** If you chose the credit card payment REMEMBER, after the payment, to RETURN to the registration page and click on “Please confirm your participation at the event

*** In case of BANK TRANSFER you must upload the bank receipt (jpg o pdf). In case of CREDIT CARD payment you will be redirected to the Security Site for Payment Once concluded the transaction on the secure site for payments please return to the portal and CONFIRM your registration as follow.


  • Something went wrong in the payment with the credit card
  • You forget to return to the RETURN to the registration page and click on  “Please confirm your participation at the event
  • You did not upload correctly the copy of the bank transfer
  • You did not click on  “Please confirm your participation at the event”